Monday, March 24, 2014

the aunty quilt

Any day now, I'm going to become an Aunty for the first time! It's all pretty exciting and of course I had to make something for him or her. A baby quilt is always a winner, it looks like you spent a lot of time & effort on it (which I guess I did!) but it's also practical - something to throw on the ground for tummy time, take for play dates, and of course keep for always as a keepsake. I still have a few quilts my mum made when I was a baby and they are very precious to me.

I tried to pick fairly neutral colours, although the peach colour probably makes it look a bit more girly than I originally had planned. I then found this cute rainclouds print for the backing (organic cotton on sale for a great price) and decided to add a small pop into the front of the quilt too. I did a very random strip quilt pattern, just chopping different lengths & using the width of the fabric.To break up the strips, I sliced one long edge off, then just inverted and sewed it a little offset into the quilt as a feature (that little strip did warp a bit, but oh well).
After assembling the quilt sandwich I just did an easy stitch in the ditch (not my neatest effort, but I was on a deadline for the baby shower!). I think the small imperfections are ok and just enhances the "handmade" vibe. At least I hope so! I love the yellow striped binding (from my stash, bought at Black & Spiro, Brisbane, a few years ago). It really makes the quilt "pop".

What's your go-to handmade baby present ideas?