Saturday, March 1, 2014

1/2 bags: fold over clutch

a perfect little clutch. take it by itself, with a wrist strap, or across body.

fabric outter: chevron cotton duck, black upholstery canvas, scrap  leather
lining: quilting cotton

Shoes & bags. Yep they're my thing. But I can't make shoes, so bags it is! I love to carry around a big hold-it-all tote, but find my purse/keys/phone invariably get lost. This is the perfect sized clutch for those necessities. Take it by itself or throw in in the tote & you're good to go.

I winged the construction, it's just a lined zippered bag (and there are about a thousand tutorials on the interwebs if you're looking for one. I saw a free pattern on Craftsy by Pattern Runway that looked good). A few notes:
  • I sewed the chevron & black canvas pieces together first & top stitched either side of the seam. I then interfaced it as one piece (basting stitches around the edge) , and did a stich-in-the-ditch through the interfacing & canvas to encourage the fold to happen at the seam.
  • I added little D-rings at the fold to add a wrist or crossbody strap. (still need some black pleather to make that strap. using a white one here to show it's use.)
  • Everything was from my stash (except the zip) so there is a little bit of gold/silver clashing going on with the hardware.
  • I used zipper tabs because my zip (18cm) was slightly smaller than I'd like. This allowed me to add an extra 2cm into the width of the clutch. I used cotton twill tape here. 
  • I used a leather needle to sew the leather patches onto the front piece prior to construction. I then switched to a jeans needle to get through the thick canvas seams. This worked great. 
  • My lining is a perfect colour match for the caramel & black. I included a pocket at the bottom of the bag to keep my phone separate from my keys (to stop scratching).

I really wanted to use the leather accents and had a perfect match for the caramel coloured chevron (you might notice the leftover fabric from my Portside Duffle). I love the neutral tones of this bag, it goes with a lot & doesn't scream HOMEMADE (I like the quote, "handmade not homemade").


  1. Oh this looks fantastic Rebecca! So profesh! I really need to try some little zippered bags, such a good stash buster. Love the neon pard top too.

  2. Ps are you on Bloglovin? Wanted to start following your blog....

    1. hi! have been meaning to join, so thanks for the reminder :) widget over to the side...