Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Denim Maritime Shorts

fabric - loose weave denim, spotlight
pattern - maritime shorts, grainline studio

I'm trying to take the time to sew the things I wear on a daily basis. And with a little boy to follow around all day, these Maritime Shorts from Grainline fit the bill easily.

Like a few other sewers,  I had to adjust the centre back seam. After making a wearable muslin, I sewed a size 10 & changed the back pieces accordingly:
  • took in approximately 2cm from the centre back seam
  • added 2 darts, both in the centre of the two back pieces (approximately in the middle of where the top of the pockets sit). I made sure I didn't sew on the pockets until I could try the shorts on to fit. Both darts take in about a 1.5cm each.
  • I then adjusted the length of the waistband to fit the changes made.

 Because of the loose weave of this denim, I knew these shorts would stretch & loosen during wear. I usually wear a belt but I wanted to do something to keep the fit snug all day long. In a favourite pair of RTW shorts, the back waistband has elastic added to it. I thought this was a great idea that would fix this problem - and I was right! I added some 3cm elastic into the back portion of the waistband. I didn't stretch it too much, you can't really tell it's there. And because these are fairly casual pants I think it looks ok, and practically makes for a snug fit all day long.

I don't really love sewing fly fronts. There, I've said it.
I added belt loops following a Colletterie tutorial.
I also made them slightly longer (?3cm).

I bought a decent yardage of this denim so of course had to make a matching pair for my son (with the promise to never wear them at the same time. That's a bit too matchy-matchy for me!!). I used the MADE kid shorts, racer variation.

The final pic shows me wearing these shorts, in my best mum-pose (making sure the kid doesn't fall off) on the jetty on Fraser Island, Australia's largest sand island.