Tuesday, February 25, 2014

neon leopard Vogue 1247 top

I'll be the first to admit, I almost swooned when I saw Cirque du Bebe's Vogue 1247 top. The pattern, the fabric, the make. Perfect, no? I had to try it.
I bought the pattern online via Vogue US ($6!, but then I had to pay shipping) because in the middle of the night there is nothing more satisfying than buying patterns while sitting in your pyjamas (perhaps why I love the indie patterns so much?).

I read a lot of reviews & decided to jump straight in to make up a wearable muslin. The fabric is 100% printed polyester (OH THE SHAME). I didn't want to use a silk (things need to go in the washing machine in my house) and I wanted something drapier than linen. This fabric is very fluid and I do love the pattern, even if it is a Bit Crazy. As for the polyester, if I don't wear it on a blistering hot day then it's not too bad :)

Some notes

  • Pattern: Vogue 1247 top, Fabric: 1.8m printed polyester. 112cm wide. ($12.58)
  • As per other reviews, I made a size 8 (two sizes smaller than usual) but graded out to a 12 at the hips.
  • Next time I'll lengthen the whole thing it a few cms.
  • The sleeves were too long for my preference, and I also found the sleeve facings a bugger to sew. I'll scrap the sleeve facing next time, instead will hem & fold up the kimono sleeve.
  • I didn't find the neckline too revealing (although, my self-binding isn't my best effort - thanks to my fast & furious sewing. take the time, rebecca!).
  • Don't look closely, that intersection of the 6 french seams is abysmal. Again, I just wanted it finished!
  • This fabric frayed pretty badly so I was glad for all the french seams. It doesn't press so well either, but I think the pattern hides all the little (sewing) flaws.

I really enjoyed sewing this top, it was very satisfying watching it come together. I like the loose fit of this top, with the delicate design features. I think it would look better on me with a long necklace, to counteract that beige background of the print & my pale skin.  I definitely want to make a few of these in solid colours - white, navy, emerald green? I think it would be nice in a rayon too?