Saturday, April 26, 2014

gingham sleeveless archer

My sleeveless Archer... Third version! This has a be a TNT now!?

Pattern: Grainline Studio Archer shirt, View A, sleeveless mod.
Fabric: 100% cotton navy/white gingham, spotlight.

I have had this lovely 100% cotton gingham (plaid? What's the difference?). I have quite a bit of it, always planning for a winter long-sleeve archer, but then decided to sneak in a sleeveless version too. 

Pretty similar to my previous makes, but this time
  • Used view A- the straight back.
  • Lengthened & curved the hem a bit more (this is a great top to throw on over leggings & I wanted the extra length.
  • Stripe matching was... Mostly successful. I think next time ill do a bias button front just to give myself less of a headache!

Viva la Archer!