Friday, September 23, 2016

Baggage :: Portside Duffle and Desmond Backpack

Here's two bags I sewed up for gifts recently! When sewing garments as gifts often sizing/fitting can be an issue, so sewing bags is a great alternative!!

The first is Taylor Tailor's Desmond Rolltop Backpack for my Brother. 

  • I used a thick grey cotton in from my stash, almost a denim? The hardware is mostly repurposed from old bags. I would have loved to buy one of Taylor's hardware kits but shipping to Australia made it a bit prohibitive for this make (and I was sewing to a rather close deadline!)

  • It was an pretty easy sew, just taking it step-by-step with the instructions. 
  • Between the instructions & the great sewalong I definitely learnt a few new tricks for sewing bags. I really liked the specific notes and guidance for the reinforcing stitches - when and how to do it, to make for a strong & useable bag. I would highly recommend this pattern! 
  • The result is great! It's definitely a pretty hipster looking bag, but so functional & my brother loved it!!

Next up: a Portside a Duffle was then made for my Brother-in-Law. This is my second Duffle & it's also an easy sew.

  • Fabric is Striped cotton canvas from IKEA, and black upholstery fabric from Sporlight. 
  • Zip from Spotlight - I bought the zipper "by the metre" as I liked the colour match the best, and it worked out cheaper too. This worked really well, especially as I added in zipper tabs as I feel they were missing from the first bag that I made. 
  • I harvested the straps off a nylon duffle I picked up at the Op Shop (thrift store) for $4.50. This was a real game changer as I could use the hardware & strapping, which is commonly the more expensive element of sewing bags. I used some self-fabric to make fabric "straps"which are anchored onto the bag from the bottom of the bag to the D ring, which is where the repurposed strapping starts. 
  • Lining was picked up at a Brisbane Spoolettes swap! (cranky fish) So, apart from the bag I thrifted & the zipper, everything for this make was "from the stash".
  • I added a rectangle of cardboard into the base to add structure before sewing the lining in. I made "anchors" from some interfacing to hold it in place onto the base. 

Again, another satisfying sew & a happy recipient. I will admit I found it a bit hard to part with both these makes as I loved both outcomes!!


  1. Both bags are great, so lovely and practical and amazing gifts.

  2. Those are both just brilliant! and snap! an amazing coincidence reading your post since I have only just finished a portside duffle today too! not yet blogged. Mine doesn't have those gorgeous leather details though, they look absolutely fantastic. I really love the backpack too, will have to check that pattern out. Thank you for sharing!

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