Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Southport Dress in the Crazy Rayon

Summer has hit in the southern hemisphere, which means I need summer dresses for every day! The Southport Dress by True Bias was released just as things started to cool down for us in Australia (back in April), but I still snapped it up on release day, knowing it would be the perfect summer dress. There was a lot of love for the Southport during the Northern Hemisphere summer, and I have no doubt there will be the same "down under".

Here is my wearable muslin and really, it's as perfect as I thought it would be!

this pose - trying to hide the remote behind my back... so dorky!

Some notes
  • I cut a 10 bust, and 8 waist/hips. Next time, I'll cut a straight 8 as I took in the bodice side seams about 1cm.
  • Fabric is some *crazy print* rayon from Spotlight, it's nice to wear and the crazy print hides the wrinkles that rayon tends to get. While I decided I don't love the print after I bought it - it really is great for hiding all matter of kid-related-messes so let's just call it the perfect print.

  • I used slightly bigger buttons than suggested - these ones from my local craft shop are giving off a fabulous 80s vibe.

  • I followed along with the pattern instructions & sewalong - and they are great. 
  • Minor changes: the back skirt was cut with a CB seam because of fabric restrictions. 
  • Also I added a strip of elastic in the middle third of the waist tie (it's all hidden inside the waistband) to add a bit of flexibility & it just makes it more comfortable to wear. Here's a quick pic of what my waist tie looked like before I threaded it through. (basically I made two smaller ties, and a length of elastic)

  • I made the skirt a tad shorter (?1 inch) but I'm a shorty (165cm)
With the button placket, this dress is nursing (breastfeeding) friendly - I have tried it out many times over the last fortnight. It's lovely to wear dresses again! I cannot wait to make up the Maxi version B - I have some amazing rayon I bought recently in Helsinki, Finland (!!). I'll chat about my fabric "souveniers" in that post!
When your dress matches the flowers in your tree!


  1. Your Southport is lovely! Perfect fabric choice- I bet this will be a go-to summer dress!

    1. Thanks Meg! It's super comfy too, definitely a win in my books!