Saturday, January 31, 2015

knit swing tank

If we're taking summer uniforms, here's mine: a breezy tank & a stretch mini. This here is my new striped swing tank, with my beloved denim Mabel (which is in extremely high rotation, along with my unblogged V.2). Add a floppy hat and I've got the Queensland summer days sorted.

This tank is a rub-off of a RTW swing tank I've had a few years, with a few mods to fit better. Namely, extra room around the bust, although I think the back is still a touch tight. The original tank has the front hem longer than the back (a lo-hi??) to account for the bust maybe? That difference is quite exaggerated in this slightly heavier knit and I think I'll go back and even them out.

For the neckline and arms, I followed Megan Nielsens tutorial: the easiest knit neckline around. For a casual tank, it gave a great finish. I used stay-tape and definitely think it's necessary to give a non-stretched finish. No faffing around with binding = win. Double needle to finish, same as the hem.

The fabric is a winner: a rayon knit from Spotlight. They have got it so right with their new season range of rayon knits (about 6 different prints?). Finally something that isn't combed cotton (too stiff & no recovery) or 100% poly (too hot for me, although there are some great prints). This rayon knit is quite fluid and thin, but was pretty easy to sew with. My only gripe is that the stripe is parallel to the selvedge, not perpendicular, so I had to cut the tank on the cross grain to make for horizontal stripes. Not a biggie as there is some 2-way stretch, but the purist in me didn't like it :) Overall, though: THANKYOU Spotlight (if you're reading this!). I bought two other prints, destined for a McCalls wrap dress & a more fitted tank.

Over and out.