Tuesday, December 2, 2014

denim mabel skirt

Next up is a Colette Patterns Mabel Skirt. This is my first Colette make! I picked up the pattern in their black-friday sale (along with the Moneta & Negroni - can't wait to give them a try!). I love that Colette patterns are drafted for a C-cup, so I'll be interested to see how the Moneta fits, but obviously with a skirt it's a non-issue. 

This is a great pattern. Even though I have (successfully) self-drafted a knit skirt before I liked the variations of this pattern and the price was right! The pattern is really well thought-out. You get 7 pdf files! A different file for each version - so if you only want to make one you can save on pages. But there is also a "master file" which includes all versions tiled together. I thought that was pretty clever. The instructions are of course very thorough, and I do have the corresponding Sewing with Knits (ebook) that they released at about the same time (although I didn't need to refer to it while sewing the skirt). 

 I made version 2 with the faux button placket.  Here's my notes
  • This is a quick make! They're not kidding when they say you could make this in an hour (as long as you had some decent sewing experience, I would think).
  • I cut a size M after checking the size with a favourite knit skirt I own.
  • I cut the back on the fold, omitting the seam allowance. I'm not sure why you'd want to piece the back together, except if you were expecting to chop out a wedge for a sway back adjustment? In a knit? I think this makes for a neater look, and then you don't have to worry about stretching out the seam when you sew it.
  • The denim stretch fabric was originally bought for some leggings (jeggings? I hate that word!). It's a rayon/poly/spandex (5%) 4-way stretch (bought here, for Australian readers). It's stretchier than recommended, but it sewed up great. I've also made leggings in a cotton spandex version of this and it's worn/washed very well. Maybe I'll need the size L for a sturdier knit. (note to self)
  • I used a corresponding black knit as a waistband lining, but it has similar stretch to the main fabric.
  • I was on the fence with button choice. I did buy some lovely contrasting wood buttons, but decided on the anonymity of the darker buttons. Maybe they're a bit small, but it will make it easier to match tops with it.
  • Double needle for the hem, using wooly nylon in the bobbin. I only have white WN at the moment, but it doesn't look so bad as the wrong side of the fabric is quite light.

I'm really happy with this skirt and can't wait to fit into it!!